History of the university

Первое здание Петропавловского учительского института 1937-1938

  The history of the North-Kazakhstan State University named after M. Kozybayev is bound to the history of the Republic of Kazakhstan, its culture and education spheres. The following stages can be observed in the history of this educational institution which is one of the oldest in the Republic:
1937 Founding Petropavlovsk Teacher training institute on the basis of the decision of the Sovnarkom of the Kazakh SSR made on March 19, 1937. This act was predetermined by the objectives of further development of the educational system in the region. According to Sovnarkom’s Order № 835 issued on July 25, 1937, classes started on September 1, 1937 in two faculties: of nature and geography and of history.
1938 Opening an extra-mural department of the institute.
1939 The institute was awarded a state status.
1945 Petropavlovsk state teacher training institute was named after K.D.Ushinskiy, one of the greatest educators of the XXth century.
1955 Reorganizing of Petropavlovsk state teacher training institute into Petropavlovsk pedagogical institute.
1978 Reorganizing Petropavlovsk general technical faculty of the Ural polytechnic institute into general technical faculty of Karagandinskiy polytechnic institute awarded with Red Banner of labour with evening and extramural departments.
1982 Founding Petropavlovsk affiliation of Karagandinskiy polytechnic institute.
1994 Higher technical college was founded on the basis of Petropavlovsk affiliation of Karagandinskiy polytechnic institute.
1994 Opening North-Kazakhstan university on the basis of Petropavlovsk pedagogical institute.
1996 Joining North-Kazakhstan university and Higher technical college into one institution of tertiary education called the North-Kazakhstan State University.
1998 Founding a military training department.
2001 According to Order №163 issued by the government of the Republic of Kazakhstan on January 31, 2001, the North-Kazakhstan state university was given the status of a state university. The institution is successfully accredited.
2003 According to Order № 497 issued by the government of the Republic of Kazakhstan on May 30, 2003, the North-Kazakhstan state university was named after Academician Manash Kozybayev.
2005 There are fulfiled a certifying the quality management system and checking its compliance with the requirements ISO 9001:2000.
2007 Founding a diversified training college.
2008 Introduction to the work of the University of the elements of strategic planning, development and adoption of the university's mission.

Opening of the swimming pool.
Successful passage of an unscheduled inspection on compliance with licensing rules and requirements of the legislation of Kazakhstan on education.
Running wap-portal

2010 The university underwent the institutional accretitation.
Successful completion of institutional accreditation by the National Accreditation Centre of MES of the RK.
Successful passage of state certification.
Signing the Magna Charta Universitatum.
2011 Opening of the 4 specialties of doctoral (PhD) and 5 magistracy specialties.

Reorganization as Republican State Enterprise on the right of economic management “North-Kazakhstan State University named after M. Kozybaev” of Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
Launch of the new version of the official website of the university.


Opening of three new Bachelor’s programmes.
Accreditation of three specialties in the German agency ASIIN.


Creation on the basis of scientific and research centers and laboratories of the University Science and Technology Park.
Successful completion of the institutional and specialized accreditation by the Independent Agency for Accreditation and Rating.  
Start participating in the state program "Serpіn 2050" of the social project "Mangilik el zhastary - industriyaga!"


Accreditation of five specialties in ASIIN.
Successful completion of the specialized accreditation of 19 programs by the Independent Agency for Accreditation and rating.

2016 Reformation of the organizational structure.
Re-establishment of the Institute of retraining and advanced training.
The establishment of the faculty Foundation.
Creation of the Supervisory Board.
2016 Adoption of internal quality assurance and Academic Policies and Standards.
2017 Specialized accreditation of 14 educational programs in IAAR
2017 Carrying out a complex of anniversary events for the 80th anniversary of the University.
Republican seminar-meeting with heads of higher educational institutions on the theme: "Academic policy of modern University in the conditions of expansion of academic and managerial independence".
Accreditation of 100% of educational programs.
2017 Opening of the Dissertation Council on educational programs 6D071200 Мechanical engineering, 6D071900 Radio engineering, electronics and telecommunications, 6D075100 Computer science, computer technology and management.
2017 Joining the European Association of universities (EUA).
2018 Creation of faculty of engineering and digital technologies, faculty of mathematics and natural Sciences, faculty of agricultural technology, faculty of "High school of medicine".
2018 The opening of The Career and employment center and The Student service centre "QYZYLJAR"
2018 Entry into the CIS Network University.
2018 Opening of 12 new bachelor's degree programs, 10 master's degree programs, 2 doctoral degree programs.

The history of the North Kazakhstan state university named after M. Kozybayev is presented in books published to 70 and 75 anniversaries of the university in detail.