Master degree programs

Magistracy – the professional educational training program of postgraduate education directed on preparation of scientific and pedagogical personnel with the award of the academic degree "master" on the corresponding specialty.

The master – the academic degree, awarded to the persons who have mastered professional training programs of postgraduate education.

 The law of the Republic of Kazakhstan "About education"

M. Kozybayev NKSU named after carries out a training on 23 educational programs of a magistracy.

The university does educational services in the state educational order and on a paid basis.

A process of university entrance is regulated by "Standard rules of reception on training in the organizations of education realizing professional training programs of the higher education".

Training in a magistracy is carried out in two directions:

  • profile with training term not less than a year (1-1,5 years);
  • scientific and pedagogical with term of training of 2 years.

The profile magistracy realizes educational programs of the postgraduate training for branches of economy, medicine, the right, art, services sector and the business possessing the in-depth vocational training. Educational programs of the profile magistracy have applied nature of training, are directed on instilling of administrative skills and ensuring of professional managers training (heads of the general profile on all aspects of administrative activity).

The scientific and pedagogical magistracy realizes educational programs of the postgraduate training of the scientific and pedagogical personnel for the system of the higher, postgraduate education and the scientific sphere possessing the in-depth scientific and pedagogical training.

A graduate of the scientific and pedagogical magistracy has a right to teach at the university. 

A prior level of education: the postgraduate shoould master all prerequisites necessary for learning of the relevant educational program of the magistracy.  

If there are no necessary prerequisites, the postgraduate can master them on the paid basis. Training in the magistracy is started after mastering of prerequisites in full.

Training in the magistracy is realized only in full-time form.   

A compulory foreign scientific training courses are provided within the realization of the research or experimental work of the postgraduate.

Master's graduate should have fundamental scientific and vocational training, own modern information technologies, be competent in the field of research methodology, be able to formulate and solve modern scientific and practical problems, teach at the universities, carry out successfully research and administrative activity.