5В010900 Mathematics

Mathematics and natural sciences facultyDepartment of mathematics and informatics

Academic Degree: Bachelor degree of specialty 5В010900 "Mathematics"

The professional activities' sphere: education; science.

The objects of professional actiities:

  • secondary schools, primary and secondary vocational schools;
  • research centers;
  • state authorities;
  • organization of various forms of ownership using methods of mathematics in their work.

Types of professional actiities:

  • educational;
  • schientific-research;
  • social-pedagogical;
  • cultural and educational;
  • industrial and technological.

Content of professional activity:

  • examination of the regulatory mandatory psycho-pedagogical and mathematical disciplines, methods of teaching mathematics;
  • learning of scientific bases of pedagogical, management activities;
  • organization of the educational process at the level of the requirements of pedagogy and practice;
  • holding current, boundary and final control performance and making sets of tasks for them;
  • preparation and conduct of Mathematical Olympiads and scientific competitions of all level;
  • conducting extracurricular activities;
  • organization and management circles in mathematics;
  • search for scientific and educational information;
  • conducting classes in additional education system;
  • work with parents, communication with non-school education institutions;
  • scientific and methodical communication with colleagues, increase scientific and theoretical knowledge and professional skills;
  • participation in various conferences;
  • study, a compilation of best teaching and their own experience;
  • study and implementation of new teaching and information technology;
  • realization of the goals and objectives of the concept of education.

Learning outcomes 5В010900 Mathematics