"FOUNDATION" faculty


Ashimov Zhumagali Mukashevich

Dean of the Faculty

Candidate of Philology

Telephone: +7 (7152) 493202, internal phone 1184
Room: 221, learning campus No. 5


Iskakova Assemgul Orazovna

Deputy Dean

Telephone: +7 (7152) 490093, internal phone 1217
Room: 208, learning campus No.5

Omarova Nazira Sezovna


Telephone: +7 (7152) 490093, internal phone 1220
Room: 206, learning campus No. 5


Tutoring room: No. 206, learning campus No. 5, phone: 1220


Address: Petropavlovsk, Internatsionalnaya st., 26, learning campus №5

Telephone: 8 (7152) 490093, internal phones: 1217, 1220

‘Foundation’ faculty was created in 2016 and based on the preparatory department of M. Kozybayev NKSU. Its purpose is creating an educational environment of a new format, which would also match time challenges.

 ‘Foundation’ faculty:

  1. Provides qualitative service in the area of increasing entrants’ level of knowledge through in-depth study of subjects for further entering colleges of Kazakhstan:
  2. Provides preparations of entrants among foreign Kazakh diaspora presenters for further studying in Kazakh and Russian languages at colleges of the Republic of Kazakhstan;
  3. Linguistically prepares citizens of the Republic of Kazakhstan for further entering ‘Biology’, ‘Chemistry’, ‘Physics’, ‘Informatics’pedagogical specialties.

Main directions of the faculty work:

  1. Preparatory department for Kazakh nationality presenters living abroad, oralmans and foreign citizens.
  2. The purpose of the given department is an adaptation of foreign citizens to the life in Kazakhstan, preparing them to entering colleges of Kazakhstan, in-depth studying of Kazakh and Russian languages.

 Studying at the department on a daily basis in Kazakh and Russian languages by a state order.

     2.   Raising the level of the linguistical knowledge of the Republic of Kazakhstan citizens:

  • -         Preparations to subjects of Entrants’ Complex Test: the history of Kazakhstan, mathematics, Kazakh/Russian language, elective subject (biology, chemistry or physics);
  • -         In-depth polylinguistic preparation gives large opportunities for the future academic mobility;
  • -         Inclusion of college disciplines (‘Physiology of schoolchildren development’, ‘Introduction to the profession’) into educational program, with guaranteed reset of mastered credits while further admission to M. Kozybayev NKSU.

Studying at the department is provided on a daily basis in Kazakh and Russian languages by a state educational order.

 Students of the directions named above, studying on the ‘Foundation’ faculty at the expense of the republican budget within a state educational order are paid a scholarship.

 For non-resident students enrolled in the full-time form of education university provides places in the hostel on the same terms as for students studying on the budgetary form of education.

 Those studying on the ‘Foundation’ faculty by a state order will be given the ‘Listener’s Ticket’ which will permit using privileges as for daily-basis students.

      3. Evening preparatory courses

In-depth preparation of students to entering colleges with the help of preparatory courses to the Unified National Test/Entrants’ Complex Test, which provide the adjustment of school knowledge, identify and replenish gaps in it.

  • - 9 month courses – from October 1 until June 30, 2017
  • - 6 month courses – from January 1 until June 30, 2017
  • - 3 month courses – from October 1 until December 30, 2016
  • - 3 month courses – from April 1 until June 30, 2017

 In preparation to the Unified National Test take part university professors with a great experience of educational, methodical and tutoring work, who elaborate test tasks  for many years and, which is the main thing, know methods of working with tests of various subjects.

 Along with the educational process, ‘Foundation’ faculty students actively participate in various university events, such as sports competitions, KVN, Nauryz Meyramy, conferences, thematic seminars, etc. Attend wrestling, boxing trainings, swimming-pool, gym.

 Warm psychologic climate, university’s developed infrastructure, its convenient location – its all affects making a choice of studying on preparatory courses of the ‘Foundation’ faculty.

 Necessary documents for being accepted on the ‘Foundation’ faculty:

  • Application addressed to the rector;
  • Original and notarized copy of the identity document;
  • Original and notarized copy of the document on secondary education;
  • 3*4 photos (6 pieces);
  • Medical certificate of 086-u form.