For applicants

For graduates of schools and colleges, as well as who wish to receive second higher education:

Address of Acceptance board: Petropavlovsk, Zhumabayev str., 114, building №6
Tel. number of Acceptance board: 8 (7152) 493037
Mode of work: 9.00-18.00, lunch break 13.00-14.00, while documents accepting - without a free day

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Information about M. Kozybayev NKSU:

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Certificate of accreditation

For Bachelors and Specialists

Address of Acceptance board: Petropavlovsk, Abay str., 9, building №2, room 216
Tel. number of Acceptance board: 8 (7152) 494042 (add. 1300)
Mode of work: monday-friday, 8.30-17.30, lunch break 13.00-14.00 

Information about M. Kozybayev NKSU:

Acceptance rules:

Пререквизиты для поступления в магистратуру и докторантуру PhD

Timetable of entrance examinations

Admission of foreign citizens for a paid department to study in English at M. Kozybayev NKSU is carried out on applications and a competitive basis, based on the results of the interview and testing.

Enrollment in the university

Enrollment of foreign citizens who successfully passed the examinations and interviews and applied for the specialties in English and are enrolled in accordance with direct contracts (treaties) on a fee basis, is carried out from August 16 to August 25 of the current academic year.

The order on enrollment in the number of students is issued by the rector of the university after the successful passing of the examination, the conclusion of the contract on training and payment for tuition.



Please pay attention, to avoid fraud and forgery of documents in connection with the recruitment of foreign students on the territory of India for training at the RSE on REM "M. Kozybayev North Kazakhstan State University", apply to all questions only to the official representatives of the M. Kozybayev NKSU in India:


Kazakhstan :

WhatsApp: +7(701) 561 64 54

WhatsApp: +7(701) 311 30 33