• The university has 3 students' hostels with 1036 beds, the living area of which is 12742,1 м2.
  • All hostels has the capital repairs.
  • There are wrestling, weight halls and the ski base in hostels. 
  • All hostels have a shower room, a semiautomatic washing maschine, dining rooms are equipped with the electric cookers.
  • There is Internet.
  • There are TV, mini music centers and tennis tables for conducting the cultural and sports events in halls and reading rooms. 
  • There are dining rooms in hostels №1 and №2.
  • All hostels have access control, measures are being taken to comply with the Rules of living in hostels.
  • The foothold of the police is located in the hostel №2, it's carried out activities to raise legal awareness of students and crime prevention.

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The settlement of students in the hostel is made in accordance with the Rules of living in the hostel, with observance of sanitary norms. The settlement of students is held from August 28 in 10 days.

First, Students learning on the state order are accommodated in the hostel and then students learning on a paid base.

A specialist in social work enters information on living into an electronic database on the basis of a statement with the visa of the Vice-Rector responsible for educational work.

While settling the student must have a medical checkup on the pediculosis and scab. The medical board shall issue a medical certificate.

The student provides the manager of the hostel with the application, ID card, medical certificate and receipt of payment for accommodation in the next period of study for at least 10 months.

The manager of the hostel gives a warrant for the residence and a pass to enter the hostel on the basis of presented documents.

Places in the hostels provided the family students, undergraduates are determined by the decision of the Vice-rector responsible for educational work. Places in the hostels are available for families in which both spouses are non-resident students of the university.

The procedure for determining the amount of payment for the use of living space in the hostels is determined in accordance with current legislation in the Republic of Kazakhstan and the actual costs for the maintenance of the hostel. Orphan-students are free of charge.

An additional payment is charged for the electrical appliances installed in the living rooms (fridge, notebook, tape recorder) according to the power consumption of the equipment.

The payment for accommodation in hostels for applicants and students of part-time is charged according to the established amount of payment by the university's administration.