«Serpin-2050» programm

Since 2014-2015 academic year in North Kazakhstan state University named after M. Kozybayev is training under the program "Serpin-2050", adopted in the framework of the project "Mangilik еl zhastary - industriyaga". The program Mangilik еl zhastary-industriyaga "Serpin-2050" is aimed at young people of Almaty, Zhambyl, Kyzylorda, South Kazakhstan and Mangistau regions. This program, aimed at filling in the labor shortage regions of Kazakhstan, provides for the subsequent employment of graduates in the NEAR future.

Educational program
1 5В010100 Preschool teaching and education
2 5В010200 Pedagogy and methods of primary education
3 5В010300 Pedagogy and psychology
4 5В010500 Defectology
5 5В010900 Mathematics
6 5В011000 Physics
7 5В011100 Computer Science
8 5В011200 Chemistry
9 5В011300 Biology
10 5В011400 History
11 5В011600 Geography
12 5В011700 Kazakh language and literature
13 5В011900 Foreign language: two foreign languages
14 5В011900 Social pedagogics and self-knowledge
  Technical sciences and technology
15 5В070300 Information systems
16 5В071200 Machine engineering
17 5В071300 Transport, transport technique and technology
18 5В071600 Instrument Engineering
19 5В071800 Electric power Engineering
20 5В071900 Radioengineering, electronics and telecommunications
21 5В072100 Chemical technologies for organic substances
22 5В072700 Technology of food products
23 5В072900 Building
  Agricultural sciences
24 5В080100 Agronomy
25 5В080200 Production technology of livestock products

Contact data

Responsible for the project

  • Issakayev Erbol Maratovich, first Vice-rector – 8 (7152) 493166
  • Baimbetov Nurlan Abishevich, Vice-rector for educational work and social issues – 8 (7152) 493660
  • Pobezhuk Natalya Yuryevna, Deputy Director of the Department of Academic Affairs – 8 (7152) 493233 (add.1005)
  • Beysenbayeva Aiganym Sayranovna, Director of the Department of educational and social work – 8 (7152) 493233 (add. 1301)

Student rector

  • Abiltaeva Ainur Ashatovna, student of group Б(е)-15

Student leader

  • Sheralieva Gauhar Rakhmanmerdieva, student of group КЯЛ-16-к

Questions and answers

The interview with the chairman of the «Серпін» Republic coordinating council of the «Mangilik el zhastary – industriyaga!»   social project.