Accreditation is a procedure for recognition by the accreditation body of compliance of educational services with the established standards (regulations) of accreditation in order to provide objective information about their quality and confirm the existence of effective mechanisms to improve it (the Law on education of the Republic of Kazakhstan)

Standards and criteria are determined independently by each accreditation body. There are the following forms of accreditation:

  • Institutional accreditation
    the process of evaluating the quality of educational organizations by the accreditation body for compliance with the stated status and established standards of the accreditation body.
  •  National accreditation
    the accreditation of organization of education or programs within the country.
  • Specialized accreditation
    assessment of the quality of individual educational programs implemented by an educational organization.
  • International accreditation
     the accreditation of educational organizations or individual educational professional programs in foreign accreditation agency.
  • According to the law on education of the Republic of Kazakhstan (article 9-1), accreditation is carried out on a voluntary basis. The University chooses the accreditation body listed on the register of the MES, and pays the accreditation procedure at their own expense.

    Institutions that have passed institutional and specialized accreditation are exempt from the state certification procedure for accredited programs for the period of accreditation.

    Institutional accreditation of M. Kozybayev NKSU

    Specialized accreditation of M. Kozybayev NKSU

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