Further education

Focus area

The Institute of professional development and further education implements programs of additional professional education in the following areas:

  • Professional development;
  • Professional retraining;
  • Short-term courses;
  • Trainings;
  • Seminars;
  • Webinars;
  • Preparatory courses;
  • Language courses.


The University offers additional professional programs, which will be held by our professors, scientists and assistants. 

The courses are implemented in person and by using distance learning technologies.

The Institute has the opportunity to develop advanced training programs for your needs to order, for a specific field of activity of the company.


In order to organize the preparation and conduct of advanced training, we ask you to submit an application in advance.  To enroll students, you must submit the following documents:

1. Fill in (online) application;

2. ID (copy);

3. Contract in 2 copies;

4. A receipt for tuition fees or a copy of the payment order.

Contact address:

Tel: 8 (7152) 493732 (2080)

e-mail: ippk-skgu.18@mail.ru

SKO, Petropavlovsk, Pushkina St. 85, 10UK, 514 cab.