7M02301 Philology

Institute of Language and Literature → Department of Kazakh Philology

Academic degree:

  • on the scientific and pedagogical direction - Master of Arts in specialty 7M02301 "Philology";
  • on the profile direction - Master of humanitarian knowledge in specialty 7M02301 "Philology".

Field of professional activity: professional activity in the field of science and education.

Objects of professional activity:

  • at scientific and pedagogical preparation - higher educational institutions, secondary schools (including gymnasiums, lyceums), secondary special educational institutions (colleges, technical schools, schools), research institutes;
  • at profile preparation - secondary schools (including gymnasiums, lyceums); secondary special educational institutions (colleges, specialized school) of a humanitarian profile, organization and institutions of state and non-state profile.

Types of professional activity:

  • at scientific and pedagogical preparation - scientific and pedagogical, organizational-administrative, scientific, consulting, cultural-organizational professional activity;
  • at profile preparation - pedagogical, cultural-educational, administrative, industrial-technological professional activity.

Content of professional activity:

application of scientific methods of cognition in professional activity, provision of qualified coverage of actual methodological and philosophical problems of the humanities, integration of knowledge obtained within different disciplines of the philological cycle, the qualitative organization of the pedagogical process in the teaching process, the development of innovative methods of teaching the Russian language and literature in higher educational institutions , secondary school (including gymnasiums, lyceums), secondary specialized educational institutions, the use of various governmental pedagogical technologies, the creation of models of student-centered learning, management of active development of methods of cognitive activity, conducting research and information and information-bibliographic work with attraction of modern information technologies.

Learning outcomes 7M02301 Philology