7M03201 Journalism

History, economics and law faculty → Department of journalism

Specialized International Accreditation

Academic degree: Master of Journalism in specialty 7M03201 Journalism.

Field of professional activity: professional activity in the field of science and education.

Objects of professional activity:

  • Mass media;
  • Faculties and departments of journalism of universities;
  • Press-centers of state and government bodies, as well as commercial structures;
  • Ministry of Culture;
  • Ministry of Information;
  • Advertising agencies;
  • Public and private publishing houses.

Types of professional activity:

  • Pedagogical (teacher of higher educational institutions);
  • Information and creative;
  • Information-reference;
  • Information-analytical;
  • Artistically journalistic;
  • Managerial;
  • Consulting and expert;
  • Research.
  • Journalist and editor in the media;
  • Scientific employee;
  • Leading specialist of the Scientific Research Institute of the NAS RK and universities;
  • Specialist of the press centers of state and government bodies;
  • Specialist of press services in commercial structures;
  • Specialist of the Ministry of Culture;
  • Specialist of the Ministry of Information;
  • Specialist of advertising agencies;
  • Literary employee in state institutions of culture and literature;
  • Scientific editor, scientific translator in publishing houses and editions of special journals, etc.

Content of professional activity:

Master in specialty 6M050400 Journalism should:

have an idea: about the modern scientific state of journalism and the prospects for its development; the skills of creating models and using them in their scientific research;

know: actual problems of journalism; modern problems of business development of mass media of Kazakhstan and foreign countries; modern foreign media theories; basic theory of mass communication; economic problems of the media; media legislation; the main institutions of a democratic society; aspects of national culture in journalism; the contribution of steppe civilization to the development of world culture, the problems of electronic journalism of the republic in the global structure of the mass media; development of media genres;

be able to: navigate the discussion issues of journalism; the latest research of scientists; economic issues of the media; media genres;be able to make a business plan in the media and implement it; creatively and truthfully approach the coverage of issues of culture, politics, economics;

have skills: work with scientific and methodological literature, writing scientific papers, practical use of modern electronic programs and search versions;

be competent: in matters of information collection, creation and processing of information in various media, editing of texts.