Distance learning

Starting from 2005 the university successfully takes a part in the experiment on the introduction of the network distance education technologies (the DET) at universities of the republic conducted by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

In June 2005 the first alumnus of a distance form of learning are given the qualification “engineer-programmer”.

Educational and organizational maintenance with the use of the DET is carried out by the sector of administration of DET's study process.

The DET is the method of education on extramural learning based on the use of specific and educational technologies on an up-to-date methodic of learning, technical means of communication and information transmission.

The goals of the DET

  • To improve a quality of the process of education on extramural learning
  • To monitor a quality of the process of education
  • To provide students with opportunities to have educational programs directly according to the student’s place of residence or his temporary residence (location)
  • Student self-control during the process of education


  • An opportunity to study at convenient time and place
  • Additional support by teachers, tutors and technical staff
  • Improvement of working skills with a computer

Areas of training

Faculties Educational programm Cost (tenge)
Musical and pedagogical faculty 5B010300 Pedagogy and psychology 148000
5B010500 Defectology 148000
5B010200 Pedagogy and methods of primary education 148000
5B010100 Preschool teaching and education 148000
5В012300 Social pedagogy and self-cognition 148000
Faculty of information technologies 5В011100 Computer science 148000
5В070300 Information systems 169000
History, law and economic faculty 5В030100 Jurisprudence 176000
5В050600 Economics 169000
5В050800 Accounting and audit 169000
5В050900 Finance 169000
5В051000 State and local management 169000
Institute of language and literature 5В011700 Kazakh language and literature 148000
5В011800 Russian language and literature 148000
Natural sciences and sports faculty 5В010800 Physical culture and sport 148000

Admission procedure

If you have working skills with a computer and the Internet and have a sufficient software write an application to study at the DET:

  • At the admission board of the university (campus №3, lecture hall 142)
  • At the distance education department (campus №5, lecture hall 221)

Required software

  • Internet access and web-browser
  • MS Office programs and their analogs

Activities of the DET student

  • Has the briefing on work at the DET and gets user card at organizational events
  • Distantly receives educational materials of all disciplines
  • Distantly takes a part in all online events of a course (consultations, seminars, fora, conferences)
  • Takes a test in self-testing and training mode
  • Receives the table of exams, state exams, defenses of term papers and diploma theses (projects) that are compulsory to attend by students during their stay at NKSU
  • Can work in a tutor classroom of the university at any time