6B08101 Agronomy

Agrotechnology facultyDepartment of "Agronomy and Forestry"

Academic Degree: Bachelor of Agriculture specialty 6B08101 "Agronomy"

Practice Areas: different branches of agricultural production.

Objects of professional activity: joint stock companies, cooperatives, limited liability partnerships, farmers, individual, collective farms, agricultural firms and other agricultural areas of formation.

Types of professional activity:

  • organizational and managerial activities in agriculture;
  • industrial and technological activities related to the cultivation of crops for intensive or resource-saving technologies and the organization of labor in crop production and other agricultural activities;
  • financial and economic activity (calculation of financial and human resources associated with the production of crops);
  • consulting activities relating to the conduct agroucheta and consultations with specialists and workers employed in crop production;
  • educational activity.

Content of professional activity:

  • prediction of crop yields in the immediate future and for the future;
  • forecasting and warning dissemination and development of pests and diseases of crops, Quarantine Service;
  • labor protection and life safety;
  • protection of the environment.

Learning outcomes 6B08101 Agronomy