6B07105 Transport and transporting technologies

Faculty of engineering and digital technologyDepartment of Transport and Mechanical Engineering

Academic Degree: Bachelor of engineering and technology in the specialty 6B07105 "Transport and transporting technologies"

Practice Areas: material production, which includes a set of tools, techniques and methods of human activity aimed at solving complex problems related to the design, operation and repair of transport equipment.

Objects of professional activity: engineering plants that produce transport vehicles and equipment, businesses and organizations that use transport equipment, designing, design and technology organizations; machine repair enterprise; branded dealer centers of and engineering and repair plants, marketing and freight forwarding services, logistics sector logistics, transportation management services.

Types of professional activities:

  • organizational and technological activities:
    • development of design, technology, design and construction documents for the creation and maintenance of transport equipment;
    • organization of the group of performers, accounting for different opinions and decision-making;
    • compromise solutions to suit different requirements (cost, quality, deadlines and security) in different types of planning and determination of optimal solutions;
    • accounting for different types of costs in order to ensure production of quality products;
  • production and management activities:
    • optimization of production technologies of transport machinery and equipment;
    • quality control processes, materials and finished products;
    • selection and efficient use of materials, equipment and other resources for the implementation of production processes;
    • metrological testing of measuring indicators of the quality of products;
    • implementation of measures for standardization and certification of transport technology and equipment, the technology of their manufacture and repair;
    • organization and management of services, businesses associated with the maintenance and repair of transport equipment;
  • project activity:
    • define the goals and objectives of the project, taking into account various factors in the construction of the structure of their interactions and the identification of priority tasks;
    • development and analysis of options to address the problems of forecasting the consequences, planning and implementation of projects;

The content of professional activity:

Participation in:

  • organization and management of industrial enterprises of transport services;
  • the development of industrial and technological structures, service and maintenance, installation and commissioning and project offices;
  • the establishment and improvement of transport vehicles and equipment.

Learning outcomes 6B07105 Transport and transporting technologies