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Faculty News
NSSF: A new audience of "Parasat" editorial offices" was opened at the "Journalism" Department

Kozybayev University has opened a new auditorium where students of the specialties "Journalism" and "PR-journalism" will be able to hone their profess читать далее

16 September 2021
AF: Летняя школа-2021

26-31 августа 2021 г. преподаватели кафедры «Агрономия и лесоводство» приняли участие в работе Летней школы АГАТУ, АГИКИ, ЧГИФКиС (Республ читать далее

11 September 2021
PF: The message of the President of Kazakhstan Kassym-Jomart Tokayev to the people of Kazakhstan "The unity of the people and systemic reforms are a solid foundation for the prosperity of the country".

On September 1, 2021, at a joint meeting of the chambers of the Parliament, President of Kazakhstan Kassym-Jomart Tokayev published the annual Message читать далее

13 September 2021
AF: Открытие сертификационного центра совместно с французской компанией «CEVA SANTE ANIMALE»

Компания «AVA QAZAQSTAN» является официальным дистрибьютором компании «CEVA SANTE ANIMALE» (Франция) в Республике Казахстан. Д читать далее

26 August 2021
AF: SMART Farming –цифровая трансформация аграрного образования

25.08.2021 года на базе Дворца школьников (г. Петропавловск) прошло областное агустовское педагогическое совещание работников образования «Образ читать далее

26 August 2021

Преподаватели кафедры "Агрономия и лесоводство" прошли профессиональную стажировку на тему:  " Передовые технологии орошения и защиты растений"&n читать далее

26 August 2021
ILL: Дорогу молодым!

       В этом году выпускники университетов сдавали НКТ. Юлия Кондратьева - выпускница РЛ-17, набрав 83 балла, была приглашена на читать далее

09 September 2021
NSSF: Congratulations to the graduates of 2021!

Dear graduates of the Faculty of History, Economics and Law in 2021, you have come a long way-from becoming a student to defending the final qualifica читать далее

26 July 2021
F: Литературное мероприятие, посвященное Международному дню русского языка 222-летию А. С. Пушкина и творчеству Абая

4 июня 2021 года в Доме Дружбы Северо—Казахстанской области состоялось литературное мероприятие, посвященное 222—летию со дня рождения А. читать далее

07 June 2021
AF: «Государственные символы Республики Казахстан»

4 июня на Агротехнологическом факультете среди студентов состоялась викторина «Государственные символы Республики Казахстан» в честь празд читать далее

07 June 2021
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"FOUNDATION" faculty

"Foundation" faculty was created in 2016 and based on the preparatory department of the M. Kozybayev NKSU in order to create an educational environment of a new format that meets the challenges of the time.

"Foundation" faculty:

  1. Provides high-quality educational services in the field of improving the level of knowledge of applicants through in-depth study of subjects for further admission to higher educational institutions in Kazakhstan;
  2. It prepares students from among the representatives of the foreign Kazakh Diaspora for further study in the Kazakh and Russian languages in higher educational institutions of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

 Faculty in social media:



Building №5

Address: Petropavlovsk, Internacionalnaya st., 26

Dean's phone number: +7 (7152) 490093





Avdolkhan Almagul Avdolkhanzyzy

Dean of the Faculty

Master of science

Telephone: +7 (7152) 493202, internal phone 1217; 87755481246
Room: 206, learning campus No. 5



Deputy Dean

Telephone: +7 (7152) 490093, internal phone 1220
Room: 206, learning campus No.5

Шыман Ғалия Кадірхожақызы


Telephone: +7 (7152) 490093, internal phone 1220

Room:206, learning campus No.5



Tutoring room: No. 204, learning campus No. 5

Along with the educational process, ‘Foundation’ faculty students actively participate in various university events, such as sports competitions, KVN, Nauryz Meyramy, conferences, thematic seminars, etc. Attend wrestling, boxing trainings, swimming-pool, gym.

Warm psychologic climate, university’s developed infrastructure, its convenient location – its all affects making a choice of studying on preparatory courses of the ‘Foundation’ faculty.

 Necessary documents for being accepted on the ‘Foundation’ faculty:

  • Application addressed to the rector;
  • Original and notarized copy of the identity document;
  • Original and notarized copy of the document on secondary education;
  • 3*4 photos (6 pieces).

The procedure for admission of applicants to the faculty of "Foundation" in the 2021-2022 academic year

Foundation courses

Foundation courses are intended for persons of Kazakh nationality living abroad, oralmans and foreign citizens. The purpose of these courses is to adapt foreign citizens to life in Kazakhstan, prepare them for admission to universities of Kazakhstan, in-depth study of Kazakh and Russian languages.

For training to increase the level of general education, it is carried out in mathematical literacy and reading literacy in the language of instruction.

Education at the faculty is carried out in full-time form in the Kazakh and Russian languages both by state educational order and on a paid basis. Classes begin on October 1, the training period is 9 months.

Students of foundation courses are provided with a dormitory, students enrolled in the state educational order, students receive a scholarship. After training according to the test results, students receive the right to receive education in universities of Kazakhstan on a state educational grant.

Students of the department are provided with a dormitory, students on state orders receive a monthly stipend. According to the results of testing at the end of the school year, they receive the right to receive education in universities of Kazakhstan on a state educational grant.

During the academic year, students learn the following disciplines:

  • Kazakh language;
  • history of Kazakhstan;
  • math
  • profiling subjects.

Table of selection of profile disciplines

1 profile subject

2 profile subject








Foreign language   









Language learning and literature


Foreign language






Creative exam

Creative exam

Additional disciplines:

  • Kazakh language;
  • Russian;
  • English.

Conditions of admission to the preparatory Department

On the preparatory Department are accepted:

  • school graduate;
  • college graduate.

Representatives of the Kazakh diaspora, oralmans and foreign citizens were given the opportunity to study at the preparatory department on the basis of a state order - an educational grant, for which they pass a comprehensive exam in two subjects: mathematics and the language of instruction: Kazakh or Russian. For foreigners who do not speak Kazakh and Russian, the exam can be taken in English.

Persons wishing to study on a commercial basis are accepted without exams.

For admission to preparatory departments of universities, foreigners and stateless persons provide the following documents:

  • Application in the given form
  • Notarized translation of the document on education and its annexes into the state or Russian language
  • Notarized translations of the passport and the identity document of the holder of the document of education

The submitted documents are scanned in .pdf format and an online application is submitted on the site

Language courses for citizens of the Republic of Kazakhstan 

All persons without exception having secondary, specialized secondary, technical and vocational education are accepted for training at the Foundation faculty.

Applicants must have an education, confirmed by a document of the appropriate sample.

To study at the preparatory faculty with enhanced language training, testing is carried out in subjects "English" and in one of the following subjects of the natural mathematical cycle: "Biology", "Physics", "Chemistry".

Education at the Faculty of Foundation is:

  • advanced multilingual training, which will provide: 

- admission to groups with a foreign language of instruction;

- academic mobility;

- participation in international programs;

- freedom of communication.

  • targeted training in comprehensive testing subjects (Kazakh / Russian, mathematics, history of Kazakhstan and specialized subjects).

After participating in complex testing, students of the Foundation faculty, following the results of the competition for educational grants, are enrolled in the 1st year of M. Kozybaev NKU in the chosen specialty.  

Education at the department is carried out in full-time form in the Kazakh and Russian languages ​​by state educational order. Students of the above directions studying at the “Foundation” faculty at the expense of the republican budget within the framework of the state educational order are paid a scholarship. University students from other cities are provided with places in a hostel on the conditions provided for students of a budgetary form of education. Students of the “Foundation” faculty will be issued a “Student Ticket”, which allows you to enjoy the benefits provided for full-time students.

You can sign up for foundation courses or get detailed information at:

Petropavlovsk, International str., 26

Educational building № 5

Office number 206, tel. 49-00-93, cell. 87755481246

Evening foundation courses 

At the "Foundation" faculty of North Kazakhstan state University named after M. Kozybayev there are evening foundation courses, where training is conducted in all subjects necessary for passing the UNT and KTA.

Training on evening foundation courses is paid, the cost depends on the term and the number of selected subjects. You can enroll in 1, 2, 3 or all five subjects. Payment can be made monthly.

Classes are held in lecture-practical form, in the state and Russian languages by teachers who have extensive experience in preparing applicants. To control the knowledge of students, trial testing is regularly carried out.

Every month, starting from October until the 20th, a set of evening foundation courses is held, groups are formed based on the selected subjects and terms of training.

You can sign up for evening foundation courses or get detailed information at:

Petropavlovsk, International str., 26

Educational building № 5

Office number 206, tel. 49-00-93, cell. 87755481246