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PF: Essay contest " Letter of Victory"

On June 22, 1941, Nazi Germany treacherously attacked the Soviet Union. Peaceful life in the country was interrupted. The Great Patriotic War of the S читать далее

06 May 2021
AF: Шанырак дружбы

"Под единым шаныраком " собрались ППС и студенты Агротехнологического факультета Ко Дню единства народов Казахстана. День единства народа Казахстана-о читать далее

04 May 2021
AF: алгоритм поведения в чрезвычайной ситуации

28 апреля для студентов факультета была организована встреча с сотрудником Управления по ЧС г.Петропавловска, старшим инженером - Даниэлем Саркисяном. читать далее

30 April 2021
AF: "Марафон добрых дел"

28 апреля в рамках акции "Мы помним!" студенты и преподаватели Агротехнологического факультета приняли  участие по благоустройству  памятник читать далее

30 April 2021
F: 30 апреля 2021 г №17 г. Петропавловск городская Общественно-политическая газета "Qyzyljar nury"

  Выдержка из интервью слушателя группы ПК-9с-20-3 факультета "Foundation" Бектурсына Шаттыка "Ардақты атамекенім", опубликованного в городской читать далее

30 April 2021
ILL: Встреча с выпускниками в областной детско-юношеской библиотеке им Г. Мусрепова

        30 апреля 2021 г. в рамках профориентационной работы Северо-Казахстанского университета им. М. Козыбаева состоялась встреч читать далее

30 April 2021
ILL: Республиканская предметная онлайн-олимпиада студентов вузов по русскому языку и литературе

     На базе НАО «Северо-Казахстанский университет имени Манаша Козыбаева» 28-29 апреля 2021 года кафедрой «Русский я читать далее

04 May 2021
ILL: Диктант Победы в Петропавловске

             29-го апреля 2021 года в третий раз прошла международная акция  «Диктант победы», об читать далее

30 April 2021
PF: Contest essay "family-the land of happiness"

28.04.2021 students of OP 6B01801 "Social pedagogy and self-knowledge" and 6B01901 "Defectology" took part in the essay contest dedicated to the Unity читать далее

29 April 2021
PF: Interdepartmental scientific and practical seminar on the topic:"Teacher's readiness to work in inclusive education", dedicated to the 30th anniversary of Independence of the Republic of Kazakhstan

On April 27, 2021, the Department of "Special and Social Pedagogy"of the Faculty of Pedagogy held an interdepartmental scientific and practical semina читать далее

27 April 2021
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Commercialization of research results

The most important stage of research and innovation process ensuring relevance and practicability of innovative projects is a technology commercialization.

The university conducts the work on the introduction of scientists' scientific researches:

  1. The project "Recognition and mapping of flood and non-fire-rated situations on the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan"
  2. The project "Development of a two-level innovative program in microelectronic engineering - DOCMEN"
  3. The project "Energy efficient solid fuel boilers"
  4. The project "Defense system to DDoS-attacks"
  5. The project "Intelligent video observation system"
  6. The project "Synthesis of nanoscale powders of metals and their compounds using electric explosion of cylindrical conductors"
  7. The project "Pre-treatment of seeds with activated water"
  8. The project "Fertilizers based ashes of Ekibastuz coal"
  9. The project "Production of asphalt coats with improved performance characteristics"
  10. The project "Technological project for the development of equipment for the restoration and strengthening of products with highly concentrated sources of plasma energy"
  11. The project "Historical and Ethnographic Tourism Park "Living History"
  12. Online project "Timeline"
  13. The project "Flower wines of Kazakhstan"
  14. The project "Development of technology for the processing and storage of cereal crops, test model of the elevator with the autonomous power-supplyer and horizontal silos of innovative type for 5 thousand tonnes"

A catalog of innovative projects of scientists of the M. Kozybaev NKSU has been published, which is sent to enterprises and organizations in Petropavlovsk for proposals for implementation.

Project "Development of computer devices and hardware-software complexes based on the theory of identification measurements and transformations of information signals and processes for solving problems of measurement, control, diagnostics, testing and management" under the guidance of doctor of technical sciences, Professor Koshekov K.T. proposed by the Committee of science of RK to receive the innovation grant through the Ministry of investments and development of Republic of Kazakhstan to continue work on completed research projects and programs with high and medium level of performance with potential for practical use.

In 2016 in the framework of the long-term economic cooperation between the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the Government of the Russian Federation it is planned to conduct joint work on the project, doctor of technical Sciences V. P. of Ivela "System-line simulation control of an autonomous robot" with the laboratory of Vladimir state University (Vladimir), the project doctor of technical sciences Koshekov K.T. "Development of technology for complex diagnostics of oil and gas equipment" scientific-production enterprise "ROS" (Perm) and Omsk state technical University (Omsk), as well as the project "Creation of a center for rapid response to emergencies in border areas on the basis of the space monitoring Laboratory of the M. Kozybayev NKSU" – with the Department of physics and methods of teaching physics of the Omsk state pedagogical University (Omsk).