Cooperation in the field of science

The NKSU named after M.Kozybaev co-operates with such industrial enterprises within the program of the forced industrial and innovative development of the region (JSC  Corporation Heavy engineering factory - PZTM, JSC ZIKSTO, Factory  S. M. Kirova, JSC Munaymash, Ltd «Petropavlovsk pipes factory», Ltd «Factory of agricultural technologies», JSC «Remplazma», JSC «Izolit», JSC «Multiprofile equipment factory», JSC «Petropavlovsk enterprises of electroinsulating  materials»), with leading domestic and foreign research institutes and the companies with such, for example, as: All-union scientific research institute "Neftemash"(Moscow), All-Russia research institute of automation and communication (Moscow), JSC Promtechexpert (Moscow),  "Carriages" (St. Petersburg), Ural holding company "HIMPEK" (Perm, the Russian Federation) and others.

The main direction joint with the industrial enterprises of a scientific and engineering and production activity are:

  • equipment quality improvement for oil refining and petrochemical productions;
  • the railway tool and means of small-scale mechanization for repair and service of tracks and details of a rolling stock;
  • electrotechnical production and the equipment for digital television;
  • software of complex locomotive safety controls (CLSC).

In carrying out research on grants of MES has been cooperation with companies:

  • Organic catalysis and electrochemistry institute named after D.V. Sokolskiy (Almaty);
  • National Engineering Academy of RK (Almaty);
  • National centre of  tuberculosis problems (Almaty);
  • Seismology institute of  RK (Almaty);
  • Mathematics and mathematical simulation institute (Almaty);
  • Engineering and technological centre ‘ScanEks” (Moscow, RF); 
  • Company “Progress-T” (Tomsk, RF);
  • Vladimir State University Alexander G. and Nicholas G. Stoletovs (Vladidmir, RF);
  • Test laboratory under the railway station (Omsk, RF);
  • JSC "Omsky Kautchuk" (Omsk, RF);
  • JSC "Perftoran" scientific production company;
  • OOO “Diameh 2000” (Moscow, RF);
  •  Kazan state technical university named after N. Tupolev (Kazan, RF);
  • STC “XAI-Medica” (Kharkov, Ukraine).

The priority directions of scientific activities on grants in NKSU are "Deep processing of raw materials and products," "Life Sciences", "The intellectual potential of the country", "Information and communications technology."


Performing research in collaboration with partner Universities


The NKSU named after M. Kozybayev carries out the cooperation with institutions and the organizations within RK and abroad: