Summer semester

Organization of the summer semester

The summer semester is organized on a paid basis:

  • to meet additional educational needs,
  • elimination of academic debt or differences in curricula,
  • study of academic disciplines and acquiring credits by students of other educational institutions with mandatory credit transfer,
  • make adjustments to the individual plan by studying the prerequisites in a timely manner,
  • improving the average academic achievement score (GPA),
  • study of a related or an additional educational program, including double-degree education on a paid basis.

The student is re-enrolled in the academic discipline / module, attends all types of training sessions, performs all types of training work according to the syllabus and retakes the final control.

In the 2019-2020 academic year, the summer semester is organized for students during the summer holidays from June 29, 2020 to August 21, 2020.

The summer semester is not organized for students of the graduating year of study.

During the summer semester, the student has the right to master no more than 2 credits per week.

In accordance with the approved cost of payment for 1 credit at the University, the student submits an application to the rector in the student service centre with the name of the discipline and the number of credits, forms a contract for the provision of additional educational services and pays the cost of training.