Education in the field of quality

Transitions and changes, including introduction of credit technology, modern quality management system, complex information systems, covering various aspects of the university, lead to the need of constant updating, monitoring and correction of existing knowledge among university staff, particularly those involved in the assessment procedures of the university. Important role is played here raising staff awareness, which can be done in different ways, through training courses, seminars, workshops, etc.

Employees of the university are informed in various directions. Topics of training activities are multifaceted. These are standards requirements, issues of quality management system, features of accreditation process, quality   tools. Recently the subject is growing from the issues of general management, quality management, to issues relating to the management of corporate culture, personal and business time, emotions, creativity, and workplace.

Seminars for internal auditors, deputy Deans and responsibles for quality in the units are conducted since 2004. They are devoted to modern trends in the field of quality management. Initially, the main goal of the organizers was to familiarize the participants with the latest techniques and approaches to quality management, to establish a concept of University quality management system, to consider its development problems. When the concept of QMS was formed, the subject of seminars began to expand.

Service quality management organized new programs of training courses for the staff, academic staff, and external customers, "Methods and management tools for a modern leader," "Management system of educational institutions", "Development and implementation of quality management system in the enterprise," "Methods and tools to improve the quality of work».

More than 300 teachers and staff of the university have trained at the training courses organized by the Service Quality Management on special programs, focusing on the modern educational management since 2004.

The seminars themes

  • "Strategic planning: the essence, elements and importance for the work of the structural unit", "Issues of planning and reporting units", " Formation of an individual of teaching staff plan"
  • "Tools to be self-motivated"
  • "Immaterial staff motivation tools"
  • "The danger and the threat of social networks. Origins and development trends"
  • "Secrets of Successful Business Communication"
  • "Accreditation"
  • "Developing the skills of successful planning"
  • "The concept of Appreciative Inquiry for solving problems"
  • "Formation of the university's mission"
  • "Strategic Planning"
  • "The results of the internal audit and preparation for the inspection audit"
  • "Contemporary Sociological Research"
  • "The practice of internal auditing in NKSU named after M. Kozybaev"
  • "Modern concepts of quality assessment"
  • "Development of NKSU quality management system"
  • "Information seminars for young teachers"
  • "Introduction to Quality Management System and ISO 9000:2000"

Topics of training courses

  • "The system of university management"
  • "Professional development of QMS internal auditors. Communicative competence training"
  • "The process of external quality assessment. Preparing for institutional accreditation of the university"
  • "Training of internal auditors of quality management system"
  • "The requirements of ISO 9001:2000. QMS University"
  • "Introduction to quality management of the university"
  • "Quality Manager"