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6B0610 Computer Science

Mathematics and natural sciences faculty → Department of mathematics and informatics

Academic Degree: Bachelor of natural sciences of specialty 6B06103 «Informatics»

The professional activities' sphere: informatics and applied mathematics; information technology, a regional and global information network, Internet-technology.

The objects of professional activities: project and research institutions , administrative organs, department of information technology, financial organizations, business structures, educational organizations, educational institutions, industrial production.

Types of professional activitie:

  • research;
  • scientific-technological;
  • scientific-industrial;
  • organizing and administrative;
  • educational.

Content of professional activity:

  • research activity:
    • analysis, theoretical and experimental research of methods, algorithms, programmes, computer appliance and systems;
    • creation and research of mathematical and programme models of applied and information processes, involving the functioning  of professional activity objects;
    • drawing up of a research plan and methods of computer appliance;
    • choosing and conversion of a mathematical models of appearance, processes and systems for the purpose of its effective universal serial bus system and research with the techniques of computer technologies;
    • choosing the mathematical models, methods, computer technologies and expert support system in the scientific research,  planning and design activities, technological, economic, social control systems and in the humanitarian activities of people;
    • building and improvement a formal models and methods, used in the developing professional activity’s objects.
  • scientific-technological activity:
    • development of requirements and specifications of the individual components of professional activity objects based on the analysis of user requests, domain models and possibilities of technical means;
    • technology design of human-machine interface hardware and software complexes;
    • the use of computers, programming tools for effective implementation of software and hardware complexes;
    • methods, tools and design technology of a mathematical, linguistic, information and software computer systems and automated systems;
    • certification of objects of professional activity;
  • scientific and industrial activity:
    • creation of components of computer systems, automation systems and production programs and software systems specified quality at a given time;
    • testing and debugging hardware and software systems;
    • arrangement of hardware and software, systems and networks;
    • organizational and administrative activity:
    • choice of technology, tools and means of computer technology in the organization of the process of research and development objects of professional activity;
    • organization of individual stages of the development process of professional activity objects with the specified quality at a given time;
    • evaluation, monitoring and administration the development process objects of professional activity;
    • training as part of the development process adopted by the organization of objects of professional activity;
  • educational activities:
    • design, development and implementation of the latest computer technology in the learning process;
    • the development of teaching material based on modern methods, tools and technologies in accordance with established standards, the introduction of various forms of distance

Learning outcomes 6B06103 Computer Science