Encouragement of young scientists is an important step to stimulate research for the development of the scientific and innovative environment of the university

The annual competition of scientific projects among young scientists on a grant from the rector of M.Kozybayev NKSU this time went online. Its winners traditionally receive cash grants in the amount of 150,000 tenge from the foundation of the Council of Young Scientists for their research. Doctoral students and teachers of our university under the age of 40 can participate in the competition.

The contestants presented their work to the commission, which included Vice-Rector for Science and Innovation Akmaral Ibrayeva, members of the CYS, deans of faculties, representatives of enterprises of the North Kazakhstan region. As a result, the grant of the rector was awarded to five researchers:

1. To doctoral student Kaliaskarov N.B. Project theme: “Development of a wireless remote monitoring system for building buildings and bridge structures”;

2. To doctoral student Semenyuk V.V. Project theme: “Integrated design of UAVs and safety technologies against illegal activities”;

3. To doctoral student Zhumekenova Z.Zh. Project theme: “Increasing the resource durability of the wheelsets of railway cars by developing an energy-efficient technology for plasma restoration of the rolling surface”;

4. To senior teacher of the department of "Geography and Ecology" Mazhitova G.Z. Project theme: "Development of geographic information support for an agricultural enterprise (for example, LLP" North Kazakhstan Agricultural Experimental Station");

5. To doctoral student Erkebulan G.T. Project theme: "Detection of the most reliable translation (Google vs Yandex) in the system for identifying patterns of multilingual texts."

Congratulations to young scientists and we wish them further productive research and scientific discoveries!