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History of the university
Petropavlovsk Teachers' Institute (1937-1955 гг.)
Petropavlovsk pedagogical institute (1955-1994)
Polytechnic education (1949-1996 гг.)
Biography of Manash Kozybayev
Museum of history of Manash Kozybayev NKU
On the 175th anniversary of Abay Kunanbayuly
On the 1150th anniversary of Аl-Farabi
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The process of external evaluation of the quality of education. Preparation of the university for the institutional accreditation
Training of internal auditors of quality management system
The requirements of MS ISO 9001:2000. University QMS
Introduction to the University's Quality Management
Quality manager
Seminars and master classes on QMS
Register of the standard documentation
Quality week at the University
Best experience - for a better life (2007)
Quality assurance of education through a single information environment and innovative teaching methods (2008)
Best experience - for a better life (2006)
Institutional culture of the University: role and necessity (2009)
Motivation is the key to effective learning and successful professional activity (2010)
Development of credit teaching technology: modular programs, academic mobility, ECTS (2011)
From quality in education to quality in production (2012)
We develop the state language, support Russian and study English (2013)
Self-determination and independence is the key to effective learning and successful professional activities (2014)
Development of creative abilities as an element of formation of professional competences (2015)
Theory and practice of decision-making (2016)
From quality of education to quality of life (2017)
Internationalization of educational programs as a means of developing and improving the quality of higher education (2018)
Digitalization – a key factor in the development of education (2019)
Дистанционное обучение: новая реальность системы образования
Consumer monitoring system
Results of questionnaire
Strategic management
M. Kozybayev NKU Academic policy
M. Kozybayev NKU policy and standarts of internal quality assurance
Strategic development plan
Management system
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Institute for Social and Humanitarian Studies "Rukhani Zhangyru"
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The Council of Young Scientists
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The winners of the essay contest on the theme "If I were a scientist…"
Presentation on the activities of the Council of young scientists
Winners of the competition exhibitions of scientific achievements of student scientific societies among the faculties of the University
Results of the competition among young scientists for the rector's grant
Documents of the Council of young scientists for the 2020-2021 academic year
Composition of the Council of Young Scientists
Announcements for science and innovation
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Очередь на проживание в общежитиях СКУ им. М. Козыбаева
Health unit
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Sports day of the students living in dormitories
Folk student's theatre «Pilgrim»
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Folk-ethnographical ensemble “Sherter”
M. Kozybayev NKSU Student Choir
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Erasmus+ projects
Development of two cycle innovative curricula in microelectronic engineering (DOCMEN)
Transition to University Autonomy in Kazakhstan (TRUNAK)
New and Innovative Precision Farming Programs (NICOPA)
Advanced Centre for PhD students and young researchers in informatics (ACeSYRI)
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