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The conference "NKSU TALKS"
The students' union organizes the conference "NKSU TALKS". Foyer, building 3.
09.12.2019 09:00
Interactive educational lecture "Halyktanu"
APK organizes interactive educational lecture "Halyktanu" for students, in the framework of the national project "Rukhani Zhangyru". Aud. 1, building 5.
09.12.2019 14:50
Focus group for students “How to defeat corruption?”
APK together with The Student rector, specialists from the Department of the Agency for Combating Corruption in the North Kazakhstan Region, and The Head of the Sanaly Urpak project office, will organize a focus group for students “How to defeat corruption?”. Aud. 142, building 3.
09.12.2019 16:00