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6B02101 Design

Faculty Faculty of engineering and digital technology (FEDT)
Department Building and design (BD)
Education area code and classification 6B02 Arts and Humanities
Code and classification of areas of training 6B021 Arts and Humanities
Group of educational programs В031 Fashion, interior design and industrial design
Name 6B02101 Design
Аккредитация Сертификат
Types of educational programs Main
Purpose of the educational program Formation of a highly educated person capable of professional growth and mobility, possessing key and professional competencies in the field of design, able to work in a team, having the necessary competencies in the field of future professional activity.
Level of education Undergraduate (Higher)
Degree awarded bachelor of arts
Field of professional activity Professional, scientific and technical activities (Секция M)
List of positions Graphic designer, print and packaging designer
Architectural environment designer, interior designer
Types of professional activity Scientific-pedagogical
Objects of professional activity Design studios and offices, advertising, PR and branding agencies, owners of Internet resources, architectural firms, large enterprises with a separate design Department, firms of various forms of ownership.
Program features Educational program with elements of dual training, academic exchange program.
Form of training full-time without the use of DЕT
Form of training The term of study is determined by the period of development of 300 academic credits for the entire period of study and 60 academic credits for the academic year. The term of study for persons with higher education or technical and professional, or post-secondary education is determined taking into account the student's prerequisites, determined on the basis of a transcript (Appendix to the diploma). In this case, loans are transferred and previously mastered disciplines are taken into account, provided that their volume is sufficient and the educational program is consistent. Accordingly, the training period is 5 years. It is allowed for a student to master a smaller or larger number of academic credits during the academic year, while the period of study increases or decreases.
Language of instruction Russian
Amount of credits/hours 300/9000
Requirements for students general secondary education
professional education
technical and professional education
Program manager Шашкина Ирина Сергеевна
The educational program is developed on the basis of Professional standards/ Sectoral qualifications frameworks -