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7M03201 Journalism

Faculty History, economics and law faculty (HELF)
Department Journalism (J)
Education area code and classification 7M03 Social Sciences, journalism and information
Code and classification of areas of training 7M032 Social Sciences, journalism and information
Group of educational programs
Name 7M03201 Journalism
Аккредитация Сертификат
Types of educational programs Main
Purpose of the educational program Training of a modern journalist with diverse knowledge, initiative, adaptive to the changing requirements in the field of media, able to work in a team with the necessary competencies in the field of future professional activity.
Level of education Master (Scientific and pedagogical)
Degree awarded master of social Sciences
Field of professional activity Information and communication (Секция J)
List of positions PR-manager
Journalist and literary worker
Teacher. Manager in education
Teacher. University lecturer
Press Secretary
Employee of the online publication
Employee of an international organization
Public relations specialist
Types of professional activity Analytical
Cultural and educational activities
Advertising and propaganda
Artistic and publicistic
Objects of professional activity - domestic and foreign electronic and print media;- domestic and foreign news agencies and news services under state and independent bodies;- domestic and foreign publishing houses and printing complexes;- press services of domestic and foreign state, commercial and public organizations;- the structure and divisions of public relations in Kazakhstan and abroad;- political, sociological and marketing research and consulting structures of Kazakhstan and foreign countries:- network information structures;- the market of entertainment services and promotions;- mass media;- press services;- advertising agency;- online publications;- PR companies.
Program features the program of academic exchange
Form of training full-time without the use of DЕT
Form of training The term of study is determined by the period of development of 120 academic credits for the entire period of study and 60 academic credits for the academic year. Accordingly, the training period is 2 years. For certain categories of students, depending on form and learning technologies allowed the development of a student per academic year fewer or more academic credits, the training period increases or decreases.
Language of instruction Kazakh
Amount of credits/hours 120/3600
Requirements for students postgraduate education (master's degree)
Program manager Шайкенова Айсулу Жаксылыковна
The educational program is developed on the basis of Professional standards/ Sectoral qualifications frameworks Professional standard "Teacher" - Appendix to the order of the Chairman of the Board of the National chamber of entrepreneurs of the Republic of Kazakhstan "Atameken" No. 133 dated June 8, 2017 (PS)
The industry qualifications framework in the field of information and communication technologies, approved by protocol No. 1 dated December 20, 2016 of a meeting of the industry commission and in the field of information, informatization, communications and telecommunications (IQF)
The industry qualifications framework in the field of culture and art, approved by protocol No. 3 dated August 25, 2016 of the meeting of the industry commission for social partnership and the regulation of social and labor relations (IQF)