8D07103 Electric Power Engineering

Academic degree: PhD doctor in specialty 8D07103 Electric Power Engineering

Certificate of accreditation

Field of professional activity: research, development, introduction of systems in the field of electric power industry; scientific, pedagogical and managerial activity in educational organizations

The goal of the educational program is to train personnel for the system of higher, postgraduate education and the research sector, which have in-depth scientific and pedagogical training

Tasks of the educational program

  • in-depth theoretical and practical training in the chosen direction of science;
  • development of the ability to self-improvement and self-development, the needs and skills of independent creative mastery of new knowledge during all active life;
  • training of specialists with a high level of professional culture, including a culture of professional communication, having a civil position, able to formulate and solve modern scientific and practical problems, teach in universities, successfully carry out research and management activities;
  • acquisition of skills in organization and conduct of scientific research.

The doctor must:

  • have an idea: the level of development of technical means, scientific achievements, international scientific forums;
  • know: the theoretical foundations of the electric power industry, methods for constructing complex energy devices and systems, modern research methods and the latest achievements in the field of electric power industry;
  • be able to: set research tasks, develop and design complex electric power devices and systems;
  • be competent: in professional activities in the field of electrical power systems.

Objects of professional activity:

  • institutions of higher and postgraduate education;
  • research and design organizations;
  • enterprises for the production, transmission, distribution and consumption of electricity.

Types of professional activity:

  • organizational and technological;
  • calculation and design;
  • service-operational;
  • production-technological;
  • organizational and managerial;
  • research;
  • pedagogical;
  • project.

Content of professional activity:

  • design and calculation and design activities:
    • the development of a design strategy, the definition of design objectives, performance criteria, applicability constraints;
    • conceptual design of electric power devices and systems;
    • preparation of tasks for designing components of electric power systems based on the methodology of system engineering;
    • unification and typification of project solutions;
  • organizational and management activities:
    • the organization of interaction between teams of the developer and the customer, the adoption of managerial decisions in the context of different opinions;
    • finding a compromise between the various requirements (cost, quality, execution time) for both long-term and short-term planning, finding optimal solutions;
  • research activities:
    • collection, analysis of scientific and technical information, domestic and foreign experience on the subject of research;
    • development and research of theoretical and experimental models of objects of professional activity in various fields;
    • development and research of methods of analysis, synthesis, optimization and forecasting of the quality of the processes of object functioning;
    • modeling of processes and objects on the basis of standard packages of computer-aided design and research;
    • formulation and implementation of experiments on a given methodology and analysis of the results;
    • analysis of the results of experiments, preparation and compilation of reviews, reports and scientific publications;
    • forecasting the development of electric power systems and technologies;
  • pedagogical activity:
    • performance of pedagogical work in educational institutions of various levels in the disciplines of the direction;
    • development of laboratory and research complexes;
    • methodical support of the educational process;
  • service-operation activity:
    • training and staff training;
  • production and technological activity:
    • author's support of the processes of designing, implementing and maintaining electric power systems in production;
  • organizational and technological activity:
    • development of organizational documents, technological maps and their optimization;
    • research of qualitative indicators of functioning of electric power systems and formation of technologies of their perfection.