Personnel management

According to qualification characteristics of positions of scientific and pedagogical employees of the organizations of the higher and postgraduate education, the faculty the university carries out educational and educational and methodical work, participates in scientific and methodical work for the purpose of professional improvement, performs management of term and degree papers/projects, research work of students, takes part in preparation and development of textbooks, educational and educational and methodical grants, a course of lectures, methodical recommendations and instructions about IWS, IWST performance on readable disciplines, and also in preparation them to the edition, participates in seminars, meetings and conferences various levels.

The faculty of the university bears responsibility for quality of provided educational services according to SCSE requirements, development in being trained life skills, competences, independence, creative abilities. Compliance of the faculty to qualification requirements confirms existence of diplomas about basic education, scientific or academic degree, assignment of an academic status, the copy of the certificates confirming professional development, the list of scientific works and inventions.

Formation of the faculty staff is carried out according to the preparation directions on educational programs of a bachelor degree and a magistracy, which define the main areas of basic knowledge of the faculty and are fundamental at employment and moving to positions. The persons having a scientific degree, the academic degree of the master are allowed implementing pedagogical activity or having professional education on the corresponding profiles, owning a modern technique of teaching.