The system of informing and feedback

Distribution of information on higher education institution is carried out on the following channels:

  • through visitors of higher education institution through the concrete enterprises and the organizations;
  • through exhibitions held at university, fairs of graduates, conferences, round tables, forums and other information missions in which the higher education institution takes part;
  • through publicizing of activity of university in area and republic mass media:  use of own television studio "Parasat", printing house, mini-automatic telephone exchange opportunities, annual holding Open Days at faculties, cooperation with representatives of mass media, with municipal departments and the region organizations, participation of the top management in discussion of topical issues on television.

The higher education institution constantly is in public attention center. To it promote: issue of own newspaper and the telecast on the regional channel, placement of news on a corporate site of NKSU named after M. Kozybaev , continuous providing information on higher education institution faculties, specialties, outstanding teachers at local level on television, radio, in regional newspapers "Northern Kazakhstan", in the republican editions "Egemen Kazakhstan", "Kazakhstan Truth", "AIF-Kazakhstan", at the international level through performances at the international conferences, participation in the international exhibitions.

In higher education institution the multichannel system of feedback focused on students, workers and interested persons works. The main forms of feedback are:

  • direct mail of the rector in the form of boxes of complaints and the offers placed in each educational case;
  • virtual reception which includes the blog of the rector, blogs of vice rectors for the directions, blogs of chiefs of departments and the blog concerning professional orientation work;
  • forum on a site of higher education institution which includes such subjects as "Discussion of documents", "Innovative suggestions for improvement of activity of higher education institution", "Discussion of volume of independent work";
  • system of consideration of complaints and offers.

On a higher education institution site "Structure" is provided in the section information on heads of educational programs (deans, heads of chairs) with the indication of audiences, phones and e-mail addresses.  On personal pages of the rector and vice-rectors for the directions information on reception hours on private matters is placed.

Students, workers and interested persons can personally address to heads of chairs, deans, vice-rectors, the rector in specially allowed time. The offer and recommendations can be stated during meetings of joint bodies which part students and teachers are.