Distribution of responsibility and authorities

Distribution of responsibility and authorities at the North Kazakhstan state university named after M. Kozybayev is defined by internal normative documents of QMS, university plans, orders of the rector, duty regulations and regulations on divisions. The documents defining powers and responsibility of the personnel, without fail are brought to the attention of interested persons. Interaction between structural divisions and employees of university is defined in operating organizational structure. The structure of divisions of university is defined in provisions of the relevant divisions. For effective use of advantages of process approach in QMS are defined and identified responsible for processes. Responsible for processes are appointed orders of the Rector.

For providing divisions of higher education institution with heads with the corresponding qualification the file PRO NKSU Personnel management is developed and introduced. Requirements of procedure are applied to processes: definitions of requirement for heads and staff of divisions, PTS and qualification requirements to them; functional analysis and work rationing;  employment; carrying out a trial period; preparation and professional development of heads; estimates of their activity; cancellation of the employment contract.

Heads of divisions make out qualification requirements to education, experience, existence of special knowledge of the personnel in the corresponding duty regulations according to PRO NKSU Organizational documentation. When changing the regular structure  need of revision of duty regulations and provisions is defined in the relevant order.