The organizational structure of the University

The organizational and administrative structure of NKSU named after M. Kozybaev  is subordinated to ideas of realization of strategic objectives and effective management, provides decision-making process and real execution.  

The organizational structure of the university is approved by the rector on the basis of the solution of the Academic council. Components of organizational structure are defined in "Regulation on the organizational structure of RSE on the REM "NKSU named after M. Kozybayev". According to the Charter of the Rector University approves the staff list, distributes functions. The structure of divisions of university is defined in provisions of the relevant divisions.

The top management of University annually analyzes organizational structure of university for the purpose of its updating. At emergence of need of organizational transformations development of the project of new organizational structure is initiated. The order of the works which are carried out in this case, describes NKSU 402-14 missile defense Organizational documentation.