7M04201 Юриспруденция

Faculty of History, Economics and LawDepartment of Legal Disciplines


Profile direction - at least 1 year

Scientific and pedagogical direction - 2 years

Academic degree: Master of Law degree (1 year), Master of Law (2 years)

Field of professional activity: practical legal activity in the Kazakhstan and international labor market, research activity in the field of jurisprudence, participation in the Kazakhstan and international educational process.

Objects of professional activity:

at profile training - administrative and managerial, expert-consultative, legal, organizational and managerial;

at scientific and pedagogical preparation - educational, scientific-research, methodical, administrative, organizational-administrative.

Types of professional activity:

at the profile preparation graduates can work in law enforcement bodies, judicial bodies, judicial authorities, state bodies, commercial and non-commercial organizations;

at scientific and pedagogical training - in the educational sphere, engage in research and methodological work.

Content of professional activity:

  • promotion of the rule of law and civil society;
  • assistance in ensuring and protecting human and civil rights and freedoms;
  • expansion of the legal impact;
  • improvement of the mechanism of legal regulation;
  • deepening of legal knowledge and professional skills;
  • formation of legal consciousness and legal culture among the population;
  • dissemination of modern progressive political and legal ideas;
  • competent application of modern legislation;
  • wide application of democratic public, state, and legal institutions in order to fulfill the tasks of protecting human rights and citizens, as well as the interests of society.

Learning outcomes 7M04201 Jurisprudence