7M04101 Economics

Faculty of History, Economics and LawDepartment of Economics and Accounting

Academic degree: Master of Economics and Business, specialty 7M04101 "Economics", Master of Economics in specialty 7M04101 "Economics".

Field of professional activity: public authorities, institutions and organizations of all forms of ownership, government regulation of the economy in the links of market infrastructure, research institutions.

Objects of professional activity: economic, financial, marketing, production, economic and analytical services of organizations and enterprises, regardless of their type of activity, ownership, categories of participants (residents and non-residents of the Republic of Kazakhstan), organizational and legal forms, state bodies of the republican and local levels; scientific research institutes, educational institutions of primary professional, secondary professional, higher professional education.

Types of professional activity:

  • organizational and technical;
  • production and management;
  • design;
  • research;
  • educational (pedagogical).

Content of professional activity:

1. scientific research activity development of working plans and programs for research and development, preparation of assignments for groups and individual performers

  • development of tools for ongoing research, analysis of their results; 
  • preparation of data for the compilation of reviews, reports and scientific publications;
  • collection, processing, analysis and systematization of information on the research topic, the choice of methods and means for solving research problems;
  • organization and conduct of scientific research, including statistical surveys and surveys;
  • development of theoretical and econometric models of the studied processes, phenomena and objects related to the sphere of professional activity, evaluation and interpretation of the result obtained

2. project-economic activity

  • preparation of tasks and development of design solutions taking into account the uncertainty factor;
  • preparation of assignments and development of methodological and normative documents, as well as proposals and activities for the implementation of developed projects and programs;
  • preparation of tasks and development of a system of socio-economic indicators of economic entities;
  • drawing up of economic sections of plans of the enterprises and the organizations of various patterns of ownership;
  • developing a strategy for the behavior of economic agents in various markets

3. analytical activity:

  • development and justification of socio-economic indicators that characterize the activities of economic entities, and methods for their calculation;
  • search, analysis and evaluation of information sources for economic calculations;
  • an evaluation of the effectiveness of projects, taking into account the uncertainty factor;
  • analysis of existing forms of management organization; 
  • development and justification of proposals for their improvement; 
  • forecasting the dynamics of the main socio-economic indicators of the enterprise, industry, region and the economy as a whole.

4. organizational and administrative activity:

  • organization of creative teams for solving economic and social problems and managing them;
  • development of strategies for the development and operation of enterprises, organizations and their individual units;
  • management of economic services and divisions of enterprises and organizations of different forms of ownership, state and municipal authorities.

5. pedagogical activity

  • teaching of economic disciplines in general education institutions, educational institutions of higher professional and secondary vocational education, as well as in educational institutions of additional professional education (for masters of profile direction);
  • teaching of economic disciplines in higher educational institutions (for masters of the scientific and pedagogical direction);
  • development of teaching materials.

Learning outcomes 7M04101 Economics