Seminars and master classes on QMS

  1. Corporate principles of University management (June 2018) open, principles of corporate governance in the light of changes in legislation in the field of education open, models of corporate governance in universities open
  2. Strategic planning: the essence, elements and importance for the work of the structural unit (June 2018) open, the planning and reporting of departments open, the Formation of an individual teaching staff plan open
  3. Documentation system M. Kozybaev NKSU open (April 2018)
  4. Selfmotivation tools (April, 2011)
  5. Employees' non-motivation tools (December, 2010) 
  6. Dangers and threats of social networks. Their development sources and tendencies (October, 2010) 
  7. A successful business communication secrets (May, 2010) 
  8. Accreditation (March, 2010) 
  9. Develop a successful planning skills (April, 2009) 
  10. Appreciative Inquiry concept to solve problems (January, 2009) 
  11. University's mission formation (March, 2008) 
  12. A strategic planning (March, 2008) 
  13. Results of theinternal audit preparation for the inspection audit (February, 2007) 
  14. A modern sociological research (January, 2007) 
  15. A practice of theinternal audit in NKSU named after M.Kozybayev (November, 2006) 
  16. Modern concepts of the quality evaluation (November, 2006) 
  17. Development of the quality management systems in NKSU (January, 2006) 
  18. Informative seminars for the young teachgers (April, 2004) 
  19. Seminars for the quality deputy deans (April, 2004) 
  20. Seminar for Heads (March, 2004) 
  21. Seminar for theinternal auditors (February, 2004) 
  22. Introduction quality management systems and standards ISO series 9000:2000 (January, 2004)