6B05101 Biology

Mathematics and natural sciences facultyBiology department

Academic Degree: Bachelor of science in the specialty 6B05101 "Biology"

Practice Areas: the area of biological sciences (botany, zoology, anatomy and physiology, biochemistry, biophysics, microbiology, etc.; biological systems of different levels of organization, biological, environmental technology).

The objects of professional activity: research organizations, high schools, lyceums, gymnasiums, naturalists station, colleges, national parks, nature reserves, and other institutions that require higher education in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Types of professional activities:

  • organizational and technological;
  • production and management;
  • the project;
  • research and development;
  • teaching;
  • conservation;
  • other activities that take advantage of basic training in the specialty.

The content of professional activity:

  • research and development (design and execution of research, analysis, interpretation and synthesis of the results);
  • organizational and management (organizing his career and the team, setting targets and monitoring of their implementation);
  • coordination (coordination of their professional activities with related research divisions in tackling common problems);
  • consulting (providing competent assistance in matters related to the field of professional activity);
  • educational (implementation of educational and upbringing work in secondary schools, high schools and colleges, specialty);
  • environmental (bio-monitoring and implementation of biological control of the natural environment, the assessment of anthropogenic impacts);
  • enlightenmental: promoting biological knowledge necessary for every citizen to understand the unique flora and fauna and the bio-social nature of man.

Learning outcomes 6B05101 Biology