6B01505 Biology

Mathematics and natural sciences facultyBiology department

Academic Degree: Bachelor degree of specialty 6B01505 "Biology"

The professional activities' sphere: education

The objects of professional activities: secondary and specialized schools; institutions of the technical and vocational education.

Types of professional activities:

  • educational;
  • experimental research;
  • organizational and management;
  • social and pedagogical;
  • teaching and upbringing;
  • educational and technology.

Content of professional activity: quality organization and management of the pedagogical process, focus on ways to actively studying the development of cognitive activity, the personal importance of education, the orientation of the entire education on the individual student, providing the possibility of his self-revelation and self-realization, the use of different teaching technologies, the creation of favorable conditions for self-education and vocational guidance for students.

Learning outcomes 6B01505 "Biology"